Ross has been involved with Triathlon for over 20 years as both an athlete and a coach. He has raced over most formats from short course draft legal racing to Ironman. With a background stemming from Athletics and having been mentored through his years coaching by some of the worlds best coaches, Ross has developed his own style of coaching and continues to learn, adapt and develop as a coach every day. Ross not only has an excellent technical understanding of all requirements of triathlon but can deliver information to each athlete on a very individual level.


Ross chooses to work with a limited number of results driven athletes and work with each athlete to develop plans and processes to achieve the desired results. Success is measured differently for each athlete. It can be goals achieved, progress made, skills developed, mechanics improved or lessons learned. Ross puts a very high priority on minimising missed training days through illness and injury. Consistency is king. Coaching services include: Youth Development, ITU U/23 and Elite, Age Group Performance and Long Course Professionals.


Tempo Systems training camps are strategically scheduled in the year to allow the best possible training environments, training loads, weather and facilities to optimise each athletes opportunity to train for their chosen event in “perfect conditions” at the correct time of year in relation to their goal races. Similarly to Ross’ coaching philosophy of “less athletes, better coaching”, Tempo Systems camps have limited places available to allow each and every athlete to get as much out of the camp experience as possible.

Athlete Testimonial

“Ross has coached me for the past 18 months leading up to my win at the 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. He’s a passionate, caring and understanding person that not only writes great programs but is always willing to help/assist in anyway possible to make my life easier. Ross has introduced me to many top athletes in the Geelong Region and is willing to allow me to train with them, gain knowledge, confidence and motivation which all has been and will be a big contributor for me to get to the next level. This is a true representation of Ross’s character as he always puts his athletes first and wants them to get the best out of themselves. I have improved in all aspects with Ross and am looking forward to smashing more of my triathlon goals with him”

Craig Davis – 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Champion (fastest Ager overall)